Africa – upside down, Kenya


While waiting for my car being fixed on my journey to Lake Turkana (northern Kenya), I was killing time walking in the dusty slums of Maralal. This little boy, twelve-year-old David, full of energy practiced his athletic skills and was happy to pose for me and my camera. When he finished, he took my hand and whispered “I am leaving with you. To your country…”

Feeling safe in Japan

Japanese Macaque Nagano, Japan

Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) soaks in hot spring while carrying her baby, Jigokudani National Park, Japan

I have photographed Japanese Macaques all around Japan during the past ten years, but the ones living in the proximity of hot baths were by far the most photogenic. I spent a few days with these cute creatures in Jigokudani National Park of the Japan Alps, Nagano, and was lucky to have several babies around. This little one, sitting on its mother’s back in the middle of water pool shows eyes full of fear, yet symbolizes maternal security.