Peoples of Africa, Northern Kenya

African people Samburu, Kenya

Old Samburu man in red cover resting before colorful butchery wall, South Horr, Kenya

Mt. Nyiru is located on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Northern Kenya. Remote and wonderful, it is the sacred mountain of the Samburu tribe and the heart of their territorial homeland. I was privileged to join the Samburu on their journey across the Nyiru Mountain; I was lucky to make it alive.

Below are photographs of some other tribes in Kenya:


Africa – upside down, Kenya


While waiting for my car being fixed on my journey to Lake Turkana (northern Kenya), I was killing time walking in the dusty slums of Maralal. This little boy, twelve-year-old David, full of energy practiced his athletic skills and was happy to pose for me and my camera. When he finished, he took my hand and whispered “I am leaving with you. To your country…”